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Leading the permanent makeup industry in Sacramento with a fresh faced perspective and cutting edge artistry

Makeupbeforeyouwakeup wants every woman to feel beautiful, no matter what time of day it is. We are a business dedicated to transforming the permanent makeup industry. There have been huge improvements in techniques over the years and many technicians are still doing the old sharpie brows, or darkly lined lips. I am bringing a fresh face to the industry, built on subtlety and artistry and I want to bring that eloquence to you. Eyebrows with a natural hair stroke through microblading creates beautiful, lifelike brows. Lips blushed with color versus drawn on, are aesthetically appealling. Tas permanent eyeliner that enhances eyelashes and eyelash extensions that are out of this world! I also have para-medical tattooing available for aerola reconstruction and hair simulation tattoo for the scalp for alopecia and balding patients. In addition to permanent makeup, I offer high grade peels for: aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, sun damage, uneven texture, and wrinkles.


Kelly Devlin LE, CPDA, LPCP, CCRT is the owner and lead aesthetician and practicioner at MAKEUPBEFOREYOUWAKEUP

Kelly Devlin

Owner and Stylist

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