Description of Services

Welcome to the world of natural permanent makeup in Sacramento, Ca. A place where artistry and a woman’s natural beauty reach its highest potential. At Makeupbeforeyouwakeup, we seek to enhance a woman’s innate beauty with subtlety. Every woman wants to wake up looking their best effortlessly. Imagine being able to hop out of the shower ready to go. It’s an easier way of living and it’s within reach. Our methods are cutting edge. We seek to bring a fresh face to the industry and are dedicated to our client’s comfort and satisfaction. You’re not just another face to us. Your are a person and we care about you walking out of our business content and satisfied.
Permanent makeup has grown leaps and bounds and the brows have it! Welcome to the natural stroke brow. The tattoo is created using a manual method, allowing the artist to sculpt the brow in an aesthetically pleasing way while creating individual hair strokes. The microbladed brow is the newest craze and it is because they are so realistic. The 3d/hd brow is even more realistic because it adds smaller hair simulated follicles into the mix, creating a 3d brow. Lastly, the powered stroke brow uses the traditional tattoo gun, utilizing the old methods but in a softer format. It is similar to applying a powder on your natural brow. Please keep in mind, all permanent cosmetics will require a touch up eventually.
Eyebrows19-600x333 besthairstrokeeyebrowtattoo
Gone are the days when permanent makeup looked like over done lipstick, or darkly lined lips. Lip blush is exactly what it sounds like, a flush on the lips. The technique layers a soft color on the lips that looks natural and youthful.
Create a permanent illusion of thick eyelashes by using permanent eyeliner near them, or go farther with the artistry of liner and do a bold look, or a tasteful winged edge for flair and fashion.
There is a subtle way to reshape the lips through lip liner. This is a separate service than lip blush but requires just as much time.
We offer three levels of lash extensions
~extreme lashes
Having practiced aesthetics for almost seven years, I love taking on the challenge of various skin difficulties and fixing them. I specialize in hyperpigmentation, acne and aging. However, all skin conditions are welcomed, as I am well-versed in how to handle all of them. I offer several varieties of facials, with options such as: microdermabrasion, masking, skin scrubbing, skin microneedling and high grade peels.
Sometimes, we have tradgedies that occur in life that lead us to seek help. Breast cancer, or breast reconstruction can be devastating. At Makeupbeforeyouwakeup, we offer assistance in dealing with that trauma through areola resconstruction. Lastly, we also offer hair simulation tattoo for woman who are dealing with alopecia, or thinning. There are wonderful options to consider in all arenas that will help correct these underlying issues.
This is an amazing treatment for the skin with incredible results! By microneedling the skin, we are able to permeate the tissues, allowing us to access the dermal layer during treatment, which opens a whole new doorway to a highly effective treatment. We can relax scar tissue, eradicate stretch marks and acne scars. We can improve wrinkles dramatically. Imagine a laser skin treatment without the secondary damage of burning the epidermis. Collagen rejuvenation does just that! It rejuvenates collagen and by doing the microneedling, it forces the skin to build and repair itself, creating new skin. CRT typically requires a series but the results supersede anything you can get from a traditional facial.
We customize ALL client’s colors and shapes and use the finest topical anesthetics available for client comfort and pain control. Anyone can benefit from these amazing procedures that we highly personalize to meet your needs. OSHA standards are a must, with simple sterile tray setups, and all prepackaged and disposable pieces. We value our clients and are very careful to maintain our reputation as we work closely with physicians and their offices.
Come experience the difference!